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As businesses, schools, and other public places have opened, demand for COVID-19 tests has increased. This means most of the major testing companies are swamped, causing delays in results. People who get a COVID-19 test from one of these companies can now expect results back in anywhere from 4-14 days. There have been reports of some people waiting more than 3 weeks.

Amesh A. Adalja, MD—a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security—says, “The lag in COVID testing results is a major problem. If a test result takes more than 5 days to return, it likely defeats the purpose of the test.”

Delayed test results don’t just create added stress for the person awaiting an answer (but they do that, too). For contact tracing to work, people who have been in contact with someone with a confirmed positive would need to know quickly, so that they could isolate and get tested themselves. Many people who have been tested report that their results didn’t come back until their quarantine period ended.

Quest Diagnostics, the largest lab in the country, warns that wait times won’t get any better in the Fall when flu season hits. This coincides with schools reopening, among other major reasons we should be aiming for even faster results.

At Avalon Laboratory Solutions, we understand the importance of fast results. That’s why we guarantee accurate results in 24-48 hours. This saves you the stress of a long wait, and those around you from potential infection. It allows businesses to run smoothly, catching any infections before they become an outbreak.

We offer a full Employee Preparedness Program, which includes: directed testing efforts, contact tracing, help making your space conducive to social distancing, and access to personal protective equipment (PPE).

Fast and accurate test results are the surest way to keep your community safe.

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