Are you prepared to reopen?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated crucial sectors of the country’s economy. Everyone is ready to return to work, but how can you confidently and safely reopen when the pandemic is still in full force? Headlines across the country have revealed that many reopened businesses had numerous employees who are infected by COVID-19. Stay ahead of the curve, and test your staff today.

Contagious patients may never show symptoms, so temperature checks or questionnaires may prove ineffective. Every day that a contagious employee reports to work is a day that other employees are put at risk. If keeping your workforce healthy is a priority for you, we can help.
At Avalon Laboratory Solutions, we offer COVID-19 and IgG antibody testing (*COMING SOON*) for businesses large or small, with one of the most competitive turnaround times in the market. When you partner with Avalon, a local representative will come to you to test your employees and ensure that staff remains healthy and safe during the pandemic.

Employee Preparedness Program

Avalon Laboratory Solutions wants to ensure that your business is prepared to reopen. Through our Employee Preparedness Program — which focuses on Physical Distancing, Directed Testing Effort, and Contact Tracing — your company will stay ahead of the curve, minimizing infection and ensuring that your business can operate optimally.

Physical Distancing

  • Space & occupancy limits
  • One-way walkways
  • Alternating desks
  • Access to PPE & cleaning supplies

Directed Testing Effort

  • Initial DNA test for all employees
  • Negative result verified to return to work
  • Staggered DNA test every 2-3 weeks
  • Antibody test every 60 days

Contact Tracing

  • SOP on response to cases of illness
  • Utilization of new software platforms

Benefits of Testing

Avalon wants your bottom line as high as it can be. Reduced risk of exposure means staying open, profitable and in good terms with your stakeholders. COVID-19 and IgG testing are the only means to identify non-symptomatic carriers. Through testing, you will limit workplace outbreaks, reduce overall treatment costs and increase your staff attendance.

Program Details

Time is of the essence, which means our team of experts is at your disposal. With our help, your workforce testing program will be in place in less than 2 weeks. For pricing, submit an inquiry or call us at 410.807.8579


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