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As cases surge, people may be wary of entering healthcare facilities, labs, or other COVID-19 testing sites. For those who feel safer staying at home, home testing is an excellent option.

At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a question as to whether at-home test results were reliable, because they were not administered by a professional. However, a study out of Stanford University has found that self-swabbing tests are just as accurate.

30 participants had three samples taken; two were administered by a healthcare professional—one a nasal swab and one a swab applied to the back of the throat—and the other was self-administered. Of the 30 participants, 29 received the same result all three times. This gives these tests a nearly 97% accuracy rate.

The at-home tests to which we are referring are at-home collection kits, as opposed to at-home diagnostic tests. At-home collection kits are sent back to a lab to analyze results. At-home diagnostic tests display the result, so the person taking the test can see it without sending it elsewhere. The FDA recently approved the first at-home diagnostic test; most at-home tests are still collection kits.

When you request an at-home test, you will usually receive a kit in the mail within a couple of days. The kit will have all the supplies you need, biohazard safe packaging in which to send the sample back, and instructions for how to obtain the sample.

Most at-home tests are nasal swabs; the instructions will tell you how to turn the swab around in each nostril, and for how many seconds. It will tell you where to put your sample, and it will typically already be addressed so you can send it right back that same day. At-home tests are simple to use—and you can do so without leaving the safety of your home.

Everyone’s availability is different, which is why there is no one-size-fits-all method for COVID-19 testing. At Avalon Lab Solutions, we can schedule you immediately to be tested in two different ways: through drive-in testing at our lab, or an at-home test. In both cases, you’ll receive results within 48 hours. 

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