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Ideally, you could get tested for COVID-19 at any time. During a pandemic of a virus that frequently causes no symptoms, it’s always a good idea to know your status. However, there are cases where it’s particularly important to get tested.

If you are feeling sick, make sure to get a test. Fatigue, a cough, a loss of sense of smell or taste, and headaches are common COVID-19 symptoms. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to get a test as soon as possible. Even if you are isolating, you want to make sure not to spread COVID to anyone in your household.

Another important reason to get a test is if you believe you have been exposed to a COVID-positive person. Ideally you should quarantine and get tested five or six days after the potential exposure; if you get tested too early, you could have a false negative. The New York Times even suggests getting tested twice in this case: “If you’re in a city where it’s easy to get a test, get tested a few days after the exposure and, if it’s negative, get tested again in three or four days.”

Some people may get tested as a precaution; for instance, any time you get surgery, you are required to have a recent negative COVID test. You may also get tested if you plan to travel or be around others.

However, keep in mind that even with a negative test result, you should continue to socially distance, wear masks, and spend as much time possible outdoors or in well-ventilated areas.

These are just some important reasons to get tested, but testing is always important. It arms you with the knowledge to protect yourself and those around you.

Everyone’s availability is different, which is why there is no one-size-fits-all method for COVID-19 testing. At Avalon Lab Solutions, we can schedule you immediately to be tested in two different ways: through drive-in testing at our lab, or an at-home test. In both cases, you’ll receive results within 48 hours. 

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