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The biggest labs across the country are at full capacity, leaving their COVID-19 testing turnaround times at 7-10 days. Avalon Lab Solutions limits the number of tests we take on, allowing 24-48 hours for results.

This is important, because as of July 14th, 57% of colleges plan to hold in-person classes in the fall. Some universities will allow smaller numbers of students to live on campus. Though in most cases there will be changes implemented—like only occupying single units—shared housing can cause quick virus spread.  

Even students who live off campus will be sitting in enclosed classrooms for extended periods of time. This increases the risk of an unknowingly infected person passing the virus on to others. Testing students and professors will be crucial to preventing a COVID-19 outbreak at your school.

Universities are trying to preserve the college experience that many pay for—access to labs and libraries, a broad social network, events and activities—without risking safety.

Many colleges and universities that are opening for in-person classes are increasing their testing capacity. For instance, Boston University is hoping to give about 5,000 tests a day to students, faculty, and staff. The school will have “isolation dorms” to house people who test positive, contact tracing staff to monitor infections, and apps to help students stay up-to-date with testing.

But larger research universities like Boston University have a leg up in testing capacity; they can use their existing resources to create pop-up labs or work with affiliated hospitals. Schools without those resources are in a more difficult position.

One study suggested that in those cases, frequent testing would be helpful. That way if the school needs to use cheaper, lower-quality tests, they can still reign in the virus—a person with COVID-19 is unlikely to test negative several times in a row. 

However, at Avalon Laboratories, you don’t have to compromise accuracy or affordability. Our tests are reliable  and inexpensive, with the quick turnaround time to prevent an outbreak.

We want to help your students get the college experience without sacrificing their or others’ safety. We offer a full Employee Preparedness Program, which includes: directed testing efforts, contact tracing, help making your space conducive to social distancing, and access to personal protective equipment (PPE). We will help protect your students, faculty, staff, school administrators, and community.

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