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Since the pandemic began, we’ve been hearing the phrase “congregate settings.” While the term has always existed, it suddenly came into vogue. Why? Because congregate settings are responsible for a majority of COVID-19 spread.

In short, a congregate setting is a place where a numerous people gather in close proximity. Examples include nursing homes, assisted living facilities, daycares, schools, and prisons. These environments are considered higher risk because people are in close contact with one another, often for long stretches of time. COVID-19 spreads between people, and is more likely to spread the nearer people are to one another.

With schools reopening and lots of people back to work, many are now spending their days in congregate settings. However, there are ways to mitigate risk. A crucial way to prevent COVID-19 spread in your workplace, classroom, or other congregate settings is to regularly test the people who come in each day.

The virus spreads fast—and 40% of people who have it are asymptomatic—so it’s also important to get fast test results. Quick results ensure that no COVID-19 infection can slip under the radar. When a person tests positive, they can isolate before they unknowingly spread the virus.

At Avalon Laboratory Solutions, we understand that earlier test results means much greater ability to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. This is why we guarantee accurate results within 24-48 hours.

Everyone’s availability is different, which is why there is no one-size-fits-all method for COVID-19 testing. At Avalon Lab Solutions, we can schedule you immediately to be tested in two different ways: through drive-in testing at our lab, or an at-home test. In both cases, you’ll receive results within 48 hours. 

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